Order in group!

Placing an order with co-workers, friends or relatives is the best way to get Dermosil products, because then you can enjoy the best rewards. Anyone can start a group - the whole team benefits!

Questions and answers
  • Enjoy bonuses

    The group contact person collects bonus points for both his own and the group's order. Group members receive bonus points for their own purchases. With bonus points you get free products from our bonus store.

  • Free shipping

    By placing an order in a group the shipping will be free. A group order also reduces the carbon footprint of deliveries, both in terms of packaging and transportation.

  • Gold customer benefits

    In a group, it is easy for a contact person to reach the Gold level, which means unique benefits and experiences for the whole group. If the group contact is already a Gold customer, the entire group will also be able to enjoy Gold-level benefits.

What is a Group Subscription?

A group subscription, as the name implies, means that several people subscribe to the same subscription. We have made ordering in a group easy and just about anyone can bring together friends, co-workers and acquaintances and start their own group. You can place a group order in an online store or through a contact person, for example at the workplace.

How easy it is to subscribe to a group:

The group contact person sets up the group and invites members. Members place their orders either directly online or on a form with the contact person. The contact person receives the order and distributes their own products to the members.

Start your own group today

Gather your friends, co-workers, relatives or neighbors and start your own group today! Invite members to an e-commerce group subscription by email, text message, WhatsApp message, Facebook, or by sending them an invitation link.