Let’s order together!

Many Dermosil customers place orders in groups, because ordering together with colleagues, friends or relatives is an excellent way to buy Dermosil products and also enjoy the benefits of ordering. The new group order function of the web shop brings group ordering to the digital age, making it even more simple and awarding.

What is a group order?

Everything is always more fun together, isn’t it? True to its name a group order means that more people are taking part in a single order. We have made it very easy to place group orders to enable anybody to gather their friends, colleagues and acquaintances and create their own group. Group orders can be placed through the web shop or for example through a contact person at your place of work.

Why order as a group?

Everybody benefits from group orders! By ordering as a group you can save on delivery costs and everybody can use the benefits of ordering. By placing group orders through the web shop, every member of a group can use any current campaigns in the web shop. If the contact person of the group is a Gold level customer, all the members of that group can use the regularly changing excellent offers to loyal customers.. 

The contact person of the order will get bonus points for the whole group order. Read more about the bonus system

Group ordering is also a green option, as it reduces the carbon footprint related to packaging and delivering small orders. Nature will also thank you!


How are group orders placed?

It is incredibly easy to assemble an order. The group order function in the web shop manages everything digitally: set an order deadline and invite your friends to take part in a group order. The invitation will be sent to your friends as a personal link to the web shop and everybody will add to the order the products that they want. The contact person will eventually confirm the order.

The contact person can also collect the group order for example in a workplace and then place the whole order through the web shop or by phone.

Q&A about group orders

How can you pay for the order and how is the order delivered?

The contact person will make the payment after confirming the order or use payment by invoice. Each member of the group will pay to the contact person for their share of the order. The contact person will choose the payment method during the confirmation of the order. The delivery will be made to the contact person and then will come the best moment: distributing the products.

Create your own group and start today!

Invite your friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbours and create your own group today!

Invite members to take part in a group order by email, SMS or WhatsApp message, Facebook or by sending an invitation link. Click on Start Group Order and send out your invitations!

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