Sustainability and Dermoshop 

To us it's important to be a good and responsible samhällsmedborgare. With our choices and actions we support both national and international goals for sustainable development. We don't make it on our own, it's you and we who work for a sustainable future, together! Do you want to know more? Keep reading!


You, our customer

We want to make it easy for you to shop responsibly. Since 1988, from the very first Dermosil product, has our core values been skinfriendly products with safe and tested ingredients. We offer full product guarantee on our products that make the users feel good both on the inside and outside.

As our customer you are our partner with an important role in our business. You can participate in our development and we serve you personally. We answer when you call. When you choose Dermosil and maybe even choose to order in a group, you take part of a responsible consumption.


We, Dermosil

What we do as a company matters. A company's corporate social responsibility can be divided into three categories: economic, ecologic and social responsibility. Our business is known for transparency and responsibility in all three categories.

The whole process is built from responsible and sustainable actions through constant development, verification and certification. This concern everything from design and production to sales and delivery. We only work with reliable suppliers that meet our quality demands. We deliver the products to our customers without any middlemen.

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We have already accomplished a lot, but the journey continues. We are a family business and our responsible choices lay in our own hands.


We as a part of the world

Our responsibility is not separated from the rest of the world, what we do support UN's global goals for sustainable development. We have selected goals that are central to our business and we have taken these into account when setting the goals for our corporate responsibility:

To us it is and has always been important to have decent working conditions and economic growth (goal 8) and to contribute to sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure (goal 9). Recently we have paid a lot of attention on that our order and distribution chain respect the environment and that our packaging material is environmentally friendly. This to promote a sustainable consumption and production (goal 12) and to fight climate change (goal 13).


What theme do you want us to highlight in the future?
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