Product development

When you work with something you love, it shows in the results. Dermosil products are developed and made with a big heart, focusing on quality and responsibility. Our assortment contains of skin and hair care products, makeup for everyday life and parties, a wide selection of products that have been granted the right to use the Allergy and Asthma Association's symbol, and a lot more! We constantly develop new products and in our webshop you find many familiar favorites and many interesting news.

For us in product development, our customers are the biggest source of inspiration. We choose the safest and most skinfriendly raw materials for our products, because it's extremely important to us that everyone can enjoy healthy skin and hair. We hope that you can feel our enthusiasm and that you will be a part of an exciting and inspiring journey together with us. We develop our products from our customers' needs, and at the same time we want that the Dermosil products will give extra shine and joy to your everyday life.



Development of Dermosil products

The product development is made in Finland - in Korsnäs, close to Vasa. That's why we are well familiar with how our skin is affected by the Nordic climate. Our skin and hair care products are manufactured mainly within the Nordic countries and our makeup products in Central Europe.

Responsible skin and beauty care since 1983

It takes approximately half a year to two years to develop a new product. But sometimes we have been grinding our diamonds even longer. The base for a safe and functioning product is responsibility. We make sure that all Dermosil products meet and exceed the demands for cosmetic products.

Quality assurance

The product quality is monitored in every step of the supply chain. The international quality standards, such as ISO 22716, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, indicate that quality is part of everyday life for everyone working at Dermosil.

Raw material

We use only safe and skinfriendly raw materials in our products - substances that are naturally found in your skin and that the skin is used to. We use very little scents or no scents at all. 

The raw materials we use need to meet our standard in a skinfriendly and sustainable way. We choose the best raw materials, that for example take care of dry skin or damaged hair.

We often use moisturizing and softening substances, such as glycerine, carbamide and different seed oils. We have a great love for Nordic raw materials, for example different extracts and oils.


We pack the products carefully: the packaging material need to support the product's sustainability and usage. We are constantly working on developing our packages to find more sustainable and smarter solutions. We always choose useful packages to minimize the amount of waste. We prefer environmentally friendly packaging material and use packages manufactured in Europe to avoid long transport distances.


You, our customer, have a very important role. The closer we are to each other, the better we succeed with the product development. We love to hear our customers' thoughts and opinions about our products. Contact our customer service or leave a product review.

It's important to us to be a good and responsible samhällsmedborgare. With our choices and actions, we support both national and international goals for sustainable development. You can read more about sustainability here: Hållbarhet och Dermoshop.