Dermosil, nice to meet you!

Dermosil stands for beauty, skinfriendliness and responsible choices. A product from Dermosil is a gift to your skin. We are a family business and together with our customers and the best experts in the cosmetic industry we create a tightly-welded team. Our professional capabilities combined with your feedback are the building blocks for the products in our assortment that we constantly develop. These products you find in Finland's most charming webshop for cosmetics.



Skinfriendlier Dermosil

When our founder, Henry, held the first Dermosil product in the 80's no one could ever think it was the beginning of something big. The product was gentle and skinfriendly, just like a gift to the skin. This product was Dermosil Original Body Lotion.


The customers choice

Henry contacted hospitals all around Finland. He thought that the product trio, containing of a body lotion, shower gel and hand soap would be perfect to take care of the patients at the hospitals with. The sales started cautiously but all of a sudden the word spread and Dermosil took a whole new turn. The hospital staff were so delighted about the high-quality and profitable products so they started to order a lot of products for their own sake.

This was the moment when Finland's first cosmetic webshop saw the light of day and the skinfriendly Dermosil-product serie was born. First the products were sold only to chosen staff groups and then to everyone.


The customer in center

Dermosil has always been something much more than just excellent products: to buy Dermosil products are something that can be shared with many and in the center of it all we got trust and community. Come along!

Our heart beats for the Dermosil family, for all our thousands customers that take part in our business every day.


Our home Korsnäs

Besides our customers, our story has gotten inspiration from global trends and a wide network of partners. Dermosil's home is located in Korsnäs and the calm and beautiful nature surrounding us has a crucial role for our success. Here are new products and ideas born, this is where Dermosil happens - that's why we often speak about our home.