Many Dermosil customers place orders in groups, because ordering together with colleagues, friends or relatives is an excellent way to buy Dermosil products and also enjoy the benefits of ordering.

Hand Soap Scrub is a new product with delicious colour that contains vitamin rich rosehip seed oil and gently hand peeling lava powder. Thanks to its scrubbing property the soap cleans hands very effectively and makes hands nicely smooth and well groomed. This vitamin bomb adds joy and colour to your bathroom!

Prep & Glow Primer creates a perfect makeup base and helps makeup to stay on longer while also providing effective skin care. Its slightly light reflecting property makes the complexion look brighter, lighter and more glowing at once. Enjoy your glowing complexion!

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Why settle for one, when you can get two! Duo Nail Polish includes two attractive colours. Both colours are packaged in a single handy small bottle. Delicate red Cozy is a modest colour with a feminine allure and Infinity has a warm orange hue. The irresistible autumn colours turn any working day into a festive occasion!

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Fall in love with the freshness of sea buckthorn berries! The most nutrient rich component of sea buckthorn is its seed oil that is regenerating and moisturising. This nature’s super vitamin is contained in the delicious sea buckthorn products of Marja line that combine the beneficial effect of sea buckthorn berries, delightful yellow colour and pleasantly fresh aroma. Enjoy the sea buckthorn berries and relish the sensation of nature on your skin!

We are a family business providing skin friendly products that have been developed together with our customers. Our web shop is the heart of our activities. This is the only sales channel of our products and a meeting place for our customer community. Buying Dermosil products has been a community action ever since the beginning of our story and a large part of our customers are in fact members of order groups. Our customers and the local origin of our products are central to our activities. For us the products, prices and community are of equal importance. Dermosil is much more than skin care – come and be inspired! Take a look and enjoy!